American Journal of Neural Networks and Applications

Volume 5, Issue 2, December 2019

  • Medical Images Classification and Diagnostics Using Fuzzy Neural Networks

    Yuriy Zaychenko, Aghaei Agh Ghamish Ovi Nafas

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 2, December 2019
    Pages: 45-50
    Received: 23 July 2019
    Accepted: 19 August 2019
    Published: 9 September 2019
    Abstract: The problem of medical images of cervix epithelium classification for express diagnostics is considered…The following states of cervix epithelium are to be recognized and classified: normal state - columnar epithelium; squamous epithelium (normal state); metaplasia-benign changes of cervix uterus epithelium; CIN1-displasia of light degree, CIN 2-di... Show More
  • Application of Group Method of Data Handling Type Neural Network for Significant Wave Height Prediction

    Moussa Sobh Elbisy, Faisal Abdulrahman Osra

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 2, December 2019
    Pages: 51-57
    Received: 5 October 2019
    Accepted: 22 October 2019
    Published: 28 October 2019
    Abstract: The estimation of wave parameters is of great importance in coastal activities such as design studies for harbor, inshore and offshore structures, coastal erosion, sediment transport, and wave energy estimation. For this purpose, several models and approaches have been proposed to predict wave parameters, such as empirical, numerical-based approach... Show More